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Children need love, stability and connection- every day- from those who matter most to them. Reading to children is a priceless way to do all 3 as you bond and connect THROUGH the story! When a parent or caregiver reads to a child, it creates special memories that can strengthen your relationship. Being close, snuggled up sharing a book, along with the shared emotions and reactions to the story, can create a warm and positive environment that fosters a sense of closeness and trust that is essential for developing nervous systems.

Shared reading is not about phonics, it is an opportunity for parents to engage with their children, laughing, playing, asking “I wonder” questions about the story or characters, and listening to their child’s thoughts and perspectives. These simple interactions through story time, can help to deepen the connection between parent and child to promote a sense of security and emotional well-being in the child.  This special story time can even open the door for children to have a built-in safe time to talk to you about their day, their worries or fears, instead of keeping them inside.

Turn Bedtime dread time in the BEST time with you! When shared reading time is turned into a bedtime routine, the predictability of  this reading routine can help signal a smooth transition to bedtime that creates motivation for the child to brush teeth, get jammies on fast, because they want this special story time with you.  By having this peaceful time reading with you, by going to sleep with loving eyes looking at them, snuggling with them, reading to them…instead of being put to bed with screens, children go to sleep feeling loved and safe which has immeasurable positive ripples far into their future. And of course its no secret that studies have shown that having a soothing screen-free bedtime routine, helps create healthy sleep patterns for children and adults alike. Good sleep makes everyones day better… all this from 1 simple reading routine!

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Did you know that reading to children is not just good for the child, but also for the parent?! Recent studies showed an improvement in the mental health of the parent who read daily to their child, in addition to an improvement of the mental health of their child.  There are many reasons for this.  Think about what happens when the distractions and to-do list of the phone is plugged into another room so all that’s left is a parent and a child snuggled up together with a good story plugged into each other; both together focused on the same thing, connecting.  Sharing a story together means taking a deep breath, and doing what matters most with those that matter most. A parent reading to their child, can create a sense of connectivity, joy and fulfillment for both parent and child. Additionally, reading can provide a relaxing and calming activity for both parent and child, offering a break from the stresses of daily life, and a part of the bedtime routine that makes parenting and bedtime easier!  Children that feel seen and heard by their parent are more likely to listen to their parent during other times in the day which of course can make parenting easier…all day long.

Creating this built in reading routine makes life easier! When this reading routine becomes part of your bedtime routine you can create happy time with you that can never be replaced! That is worth everything to know that even if the rest of the day was a disaster you were able to send your kids to bed with love and a funny story…  Because kids grow up too fast, this shared reading time is priceless!

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Create the daily space for the shared reading joyful place: kids going to bed feeling loved – happy time with you – that can NEVER BE REPLACED!
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I have seen the immeasurable power of a thoughtfully chosen story read to a child on a loving lap. Can you imagine what this world would be like if EVERY CHILD went to bed with loving eyes being the last thing they saw? If EVERY CHILD, every day saw loving eyes listening to them, caring about them?!

My dream of Every Child being read to Every Day by someone who loves them is about:

  • Children knowing and feeling they are loved. Every day.
  • Children feeling seen and heard- never wondering if they matter to someone close to them.
  • Parents having a built-in time to set down the to-do list and step away from the stresses of life, to reconnect with their child, to appreciate the gift their child is.
  • A counter-ACE to Adverse Childhood Experiences to calm little nervous systems with meaningful enjoyable stories on safe loving laps. Every Day. (Link to book “The Deepest Well” By Nadine Burke Harris M.D.)
  • Even possibly, a small and simple solution to some of the worlds greatest societal ills: an antidote to combat isolation, poverty, abuse, neglect and trauma.

Will you join me in my dream that Every Child, Every Where, be read to Every Day by someone who loves them?!

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Strengthen Relationships

The stories are just the excuse- the doorways to strengthen your relationship with your child, to center them, to laugh together, to show them what beloved author and illustrator Eric Carle said-
“By sharing a book, an adult shows a child: I have time for you, I care for you- therefore i read to you.”

Makes Parenting Easier

When children can count on getting this daily uninterrupted quality time with you, their disruptive attention seeking behaviors will begin to decrease. This time together will be a motivator for other tasks “if you get your jammies on fast we will have time for an extra book!”

Improves Mental Health

Reading to children can help their mental health as well as ours. Stories can be the springboard to validate, listen, seek to understand, and give words to discuss the new or challenging parts of life.

Gives Children (and Parents) Tools to Process Life and Recenter

This 1 daily screen free shared reading routine creates the space to step off the crazy train of life, take a deep breath and step into this peaceful simple connecting space.

Child Led, together time

Creating this uninterrupted, safe shared-reading space becomes priceless time to connect with your child, not to correct your child.To set down the to-do list and SEE your child, listen to them, appreciate their unique perspective on the story and on life.

Connection Through Wonder

Become reacquainted with wonder: The wonder of your beautiful child, through the wonder of what is happening in the story. Use the illustrations as springboards to say I wonder why…I wonder what…and then wait and see what your child says. There are no wrong answers here in this safe shared reading space.