When Stars Are Scattered

What is it like to be a refugee? A child refugee living in a Refugee camp? What is it like to be A child refugee that has been separated from his mother fleeing war in Somalia, after watching his father shot? What is it like to be a child caring for his disabled brother, who both look intently at each new face of each new group of arrivals, in hopes that their mother will be among them?

“When Stars are scattered” brings to life the reality of being a child refugee as only a graphic novel can do. Talented Caldecott artist Victoria Jamieson @victoriajamiesonbooks collaborated with this once child refugee, now adult-
Omar Mohamed- to share his incredible, eye opening, true story!

  • How did he persevere against all odds to get an education?
  • Did he ever get to leave the camp to come to America?
  • Did he ever find his Mother?
  • What happened to his brother, foster mom and friends growing up in
  • the refugee camp with him?
  • What does the only word his brother can speak -“hooyo” mean?
  • Why Didn’t the girls in the refugee camp get to stay in school?

My boys and I learned so much reading about his experience growing up in one of the many refugee camps in Kenya- “Dadaab”

Find out how Omar Mohamed now gives back to refugee children, currently in the SAME refugee camp in Kenya he grew up in.

Find out how you can help too with the organization he founded @refugeestrong