Happy Hippo – Angry Duck

“Hello little person, how Are you today? Is your mood quite terrific or only okay”?

We love this Sandra Boynton book that offers a simple way to identify, acknowledge and talk about moods/feelings.

Especially since we live in a society that sometimes doesn’t allow the “negative” feelings to be acknowledged- but why not?

Where do emotions go when they are stuffed? Why do we have them? What are emotionally healthy ways to process frustration, sadness, anger, hurt…?

I have learned that to heal and be healthy we must feel our feelings…
Teaching children that that’s a good thing is empowering and even, at times lifesaving, with relatable books like “Happy Hippo, Angry Duck” by Sandra Boynton @sandra_boynton @simonkids

When I’m upset I’ve found biking, walking or writing helps me to get it out. Painting was a great outlet for 2 of my kids.

What helps you or your kids feel your feelings in emotionally healthy ways?!