A Chair for my Mother

I remember checking this book out at the library when our oldest was 2.5. She wanted me to read it so many times, that years later when she brought a scholastic book order home from school, @scholasticinc we of course had to order it!
“A Chair for my Mother” by Vera B Williams has been a beloved story in our home for 20+ years.
-because of the simple sweet story of a family and community being there for each other.
-A little girl with her family, is empowered to rebuild after loss; in something as simple as saving for a new chair to replace the one that was burned.
🧰 this story is part of my parenting toolbox for
talking points of:
– Processing loss (in this story a house fire)
– Delaying gratification for a future something (chair)
– Saving together
– Empowerment to rebuild
– How we can support our community during tragedy (like her neighbors did)?

🛠 actionable:
– Discuss what is something you really want to save for?
– what could be skipped? (Fast food, soda,.. 🥤 )
– recycle an empty jar
– Start filling with coins-any money 💰 that you didn’t spend on non-essentials
– Kids can see 👀 the money growing as they CHOOSE to forgo a few things they want, for something they want MORE!💵💷💶
– Great way for kids to learn to count money for a purpose!
– Finally, Go together to pick out what you agreed on!
– This is Cause and effect in action!! So exciting for kids to see how their actions (delaying gratification) makes a difference!
– Pick your next thing to save for and go!
– Or even better- decide together what you could save to buy for someone in need…
– So many exciting and❤️ joyous possibilities …
– The positive ripples in a child’s life, of learning to delay gratification, are endless!!

What is something you or a child saved for?