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Hello, my name is Sarah. I have devoted my life to loving children! From reading to and raising 6 incredible children (4 now in college, 2 teens still at home) to teaching Elementary School, Montesorri Preschool, creating a diverse kid-lit history curriculum during Covid homeschool, to working with troubled youth in foster care and homeless shelters, I am passionate about the immeasurable power of 1 simple thing to teach, heal, center, and soothe: lovingly reading a thoughtfully written story with a child.

I have seen the powerful effects on a child’s feelings of self worth, when they are snuggled up, feeling safe, feeling heard, connecting through the characters in the story. I have also seen the positive effect on my own mental health, and relational health with my children- especially on the hard days- from our daily rejuvenating reading time together. (Yes, I STILL read to my kids- now teens). THIS one simple daily shared reading habit seems to be an underestimated silver bullet for good, that is being replaced by screens. I hope to change that. Will you join me?

When I’m not reading to kids I can be found exploring God’s beautiful creations with my husband, 6 kids, and cucumber loving golden retriever- hiking, kayaking, biking, backpacking all over Alaska. On car trips, since our kids were little, we have listened to the priceless stories of Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne narrated by Peter Dennis. One of my favorite author’s that speaks to my soul is Kate DiCamillo.



From personal experience raising 6 kids, and teaching/reading to children of all ages in schools or homeless shelters, Sarah has found that this sacred shared read-aloud time each day can ripple out to bless all aspects of her relationship with her children. The shared storybook can became the doorway for parent and child to connect, to love, to listen, to slow down, to laugh together, to share feelings, and even to heal.

Have you ever wondered how our world would be different if EVERY child was read to -every day- by someone who loves them? 

What if every child sat on a loving lap- plugged into a real you, through a story (unplugged from screens) feeling seen, valued, and safe as you giggle and wonder together, connecting with joy?! What if this shared story time created the daily space for parent and child to feel loved, peaceful, and to enjoy connecting with each other?!

This is what I began to wonder as I learned about the devastating emotional and physical effects of ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on our children.

I wondered, could this 1 simple daily enjoyable shared reading routine be a powerful counter-ACE? A way to turn off the cortisol bathed brain brought on by chronic stress/abuse? To allow little nervous systems – stuck in fight, flight or freeze- to relax and even heal? Could it be the beginning of breaking the abuse cycle? Will you join me in my dream? For every child, every day to be read to by someone who loves them?!

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I love how stories can spark conversations to empower, inspire problem solving and growth. I consistently seek new ways to learn, grow and inspire those around me with compassion and a growth mindset.


I carefully choose thoughtfully written children’s books that have added meaning, understanding, and compassion to our family.  I hope they will bless your family’s understanding, empathy and appreciation for the beautiful diversity of people on. this planet we all share.


I rely on hope and love as my motivating factor. I look towards a future where every child feels valued and loved; where every child can be read to every day, by someone who loves them for the long term emotional, relational, and educational benefit this can provide their whole life. I Hope that by reading together as a family, through the words on the pages, you too will find that you are not alone. You too will find strength…One story at a time.


Joy is the reason I created this website. The joy of connecting as a family through stories. The joy of finding words for feelings and experiences. The joy of seeing and hearing the priceless, creative, imaginative ways my children see the world. I hope that you too will experience the fun, spontaneity and strength.through.stories that can come when families read a quality story together.